one of the dried fruits that comes from the treeCarya illinoinensis It comes to light that this tree is the main source of the family. Juglandaceae As it turns out, cashews were first discovered in North America, particularly in regions like Mexico and the United States.

Properties and Applications:

Cashews are one of the most delicious and popular nuts in the world. This product, with its pleasant flavor and delightful taste, in addition to enjoying it as a delicious snack, has many health benefits for humans.


  • Rich in nutrients such as vitamin E, fiber, protein, and beneficial fatty acids.
  • Possessing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Rich in antioxidants that can promote heart and cardiovascular health.

health benefits.:

  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Maintaining nut health and improving cognitive function
  • Help with lowering blood sugar and controlling diabetes
  • Preventing inflammations and inflammatory diseases


  • Consumption as a snack or nibble
  • Use in preparing foods and desserts
  • The use of coconut oil in cooking and beauty products.

Market growth trend:

Given the health benefits and increasing consumer awareness about healthy nutrition, the cashew market is constantly growing. Cashew producers are also increasingly striving to offer high-quality products at reasonable prices to the market, which is expanding and developing the nut industry.

In recent decades, the nut market has grown significantly and gained an important position in global trade. One of the products that has received considerable attention in this market is cashews. In this article, we will examine the importance and potential growth of cashews in the global market, with a focus on the success of Poutar Company as a leader in this industry.

 Its position in the global market:

This product has always been popular with consumers due to its delicious and nutritious taste. With the positive health benefits of almonds, this product is recognized as a necessary food for a healthy lifestyle in different communities around the world.

Success of Potar Company and expansion into the global market.:

Poultar Company, with over a century of experience in the nut industry, is known as one of the largest producers of cashews. By using modern technologies and professional management, this company has been able to offer high-quality products at competitive prices to the global market. Entry into the export market to European and Asian countries, as well as the establishment of the Poultar brand, has led to further expansion and development of this company.

The future of cashew nuts in the global market:

Given the growing trend in the consumption of nuts, cashews are considered a strategic product in the global market. Companies like Putar, by offering quality products and using appropriate marketing strategies, can help grow and develop this industry. Additionally, increasing consumer awareness about the health benefits and expanding into new markets can improve the market for this product.


Almonds, as one of the popular and beneficial products in the dried fruits market, have a special place. With numerous health benefits and various uses, this product always maintains its attractiveness and has a positive growth trend in the market. Therefore, using almonds as part of a healthy diet is recommended, and the development of the market for this product will lead to profitability and growth in the dried fruits industry.

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