Dried cherries

Dried cherries from history to health benefits

Dried plum is a tasty and popular product used in many recipes and snacks. In this article, we will review the history and origin of dried plums and then discuss their benefits.

Ancient roots

The use of plum as a real food source dates back to ancient times. This fruit has been a nutritional powerhouse in various regions of the world such as the Middle East and Europe. However, preservation methods for plums were limited at that time, and they were usually used through drying or preparing various processed products.
Another ancient food source with a rich history is the seven nuts mixture, which has been used in various parts of the world since ancient times. In traditional medicine, the seven nuts mixture is recognized as a valuable food source made up of different nuts such as almonds, walnuts, and pistachios, and due to its nutritional and therapeutic properties, it is used as a natural remedy.
You can aboutProperties of seven nuts in medicine Traditional Read more here.

Invent the drying process

The process of drying plums probably goes back to the Middle Ages. This period is known as a time when new technologies in food processing and preservation emerged. From then on, various methods were invented for drying plums. These methods were not only for plums, but also for other fruits.Nuts are also used.

رDrying methods

  1. Dry in the sun:This is a traditional and inexpensive method. The plums are placed on trays and left under direct sunlight for a few days to naturally dry out. This method is used for most nuts and dried fruits.
  2. Use of thermal processes: This involves using special ovens or microwaves. The apricots are heated in this method so that their moisture evaporates as steam.
  3. Use of air drying systems:Another method used for drying nuts and dried fruits is using air dryers and blowers. These methods involve using devices that blow warm and dry air onto the fruits to remove their moisture as vapor.

Benefits of drying cherries

  1. Increased shelf life: Drying cherries, as well as other nuts and dried fruits, increases its shelf life and allows it to be stored and consumed for a longer period of time.
  2. Preservation of nutritional value: In the drying process, the nutritional value of the fruit is preserved and may be increased in some cases.
  3. Saving space: Dried plum takes up less space compared to fresh plum, which is very useful for storing and transporting this product.

Evolution in the industrial age

With the advancement of technology in the industrial era, the process of drying plums has also evolved. New tools and machinery have made it possible to produce dried plums on a large scale. Additionally, the cleaning, sterilization, and packaging processes have also improved, making dried plums a reliable and quality product.پوطار By providing high standards in the processes of drying, cleaning, sterilizing, and packaging, we ensure that our dried apricots are not only of high quality but also being delivered to the market as a reliable product.

Dried cherries in the modern world

In today’s world, dried apricots are one of the popular products in global markets. From homemade dishes to ready-to-eat products, this dried fruit has always had a special place and continues to do so. Another popular product currently is Royal nuts Cited:

Comparison of royal nuts and dried cherries

Both products are delicious and nutritious, but they have some differences. Royal trail mix is a blend of various dried nuts including almonds, pistachios, walnuts, and peanuts. Both products provide energy and nutrients like fiber, vitamins, and minerals, but dried plums have more iron. Choosing between these two depends on personal preference and needs.


In short, dried plum is an ancient product that has maintained its place in global markets so far. From its history in ancient times to the invention and evolution of the drying process in the industrial era, this popular product has always been present on the tables of families and restaurants.
با Pootar dried cherry Enjoy its benefits and popularity, and consider this product as a healthy and delicious choice for family meals and restaurant tables.

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