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CEO's speech

As the third generation of Hosseini nuts and dried fruits, Potar company is always trying to provide quality products to its dear customers by using the modern and advanced global industry. Certainly, the profession of our ancestors is our pride, we hope that by following the experiences of past generations, we will be able to maintain the quality and customer orientation of the Potar brand and take steps towards the progress and health of the society.


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آشپزی با آجیل و خشکبار: طعمی دلچسب و مغذی

آجیل و خشکبار از جمله مواد غذایی خوشمزه و پرخاصیتی هستند که علاوه بر مصرف به عنوان میان وعده، می توانند در پخت و پز نیز کاربردهای فراوانی داشته باشند. آشپزی با آجیل و خشکبار نه تنها طعم و مزه غذا را به

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