Pootar Producer Of Nuts and Dried Fruits

About Us

We are living in a country which has the most fertile soil for agriculture. Vast gardens of grains and nuts are our natural landscapes that any one walking through the farms would gaze at.
Agriculture is our ancestors' job. It is part of our nature and soul. Using our own products, reminds us our identity. We present happiness to our family and feasts by having roasted nuts and delicious dried fruits. We are going to share this happiness with you and invite you to try our products.
Pootar Company incorporated in 1916 is a provider of nuts and dried fruit. It has started to work in Mashhad, Razavi Khorasan province in IRAN and by considering the quality and the price of the product managed to be successful. The company extended other branches namely Toos Industrial Estate Company and Mosala Center in Mashhad and by developing mechanized system in 2007 entered into international trading.